We found this rescently… it upset us…

After all ths time people still doubt the existance of DID. But what I cannot understand is why would ayone fake DID? There are far easier to fake and less stigmatised mental illness out there, why would anyone pick DID to fake?

This saddens us, we have fourght for many years to find a psych who believed us, who did not day DID was not real… and now the official standing of it may be getting changed…

We feel esspecially sorry for american multiples, as if this happens then they may no longer get therapy on their insurance.

But we are real. Why would we pretend to be herre? there are so many easier mental health issues to fake, why would we fake this one? and if we are not real, then what are we? why are we here?

loads of “professionals” do not believe it is real… in fact there are complete groups dedicated to disproving it…
some believe that it’s people being unable to deal with emotions and so trying to distance theirselve, others believe that it is sort of inplanted in the heads of vulnerale people by therapy. There are a load of other theories too

this is a list of some of their “reasoning”.



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