Long story short, my family and I do not get on… they insult me, yell at me, put me down, they threw me out at the age of 16 with nowhere to go, they force me to spead certain ties of the year with them but spend the whole of the time I am there insulting me and basically destroying any snippit of self-esteme I have…

A while back my psychologist advised me to write them a letter, telling htem about my mental health and abut all the things that have happened since I was 16… so I did

they got the letter rung me and screamed at me… saying I was lying and how it really hurt them that I would go to such lengths just to avoid them… My mum said there is not way I could have MH issues as she was a “good mum” (this is the woman who used to lock me outside or pour freezing water over me if I ever showed emotion as it was “weakness”…)
Then she said that my ex could not have done anything I said he had as he was a “nice guy”, and as I was dating him and living with him what he did couldn’t have been rape and also wasn’t abuse as it was his right to hit me when I got overly annoying

anyway…. since that conversation noone in my family will speak to me… they will not answer the phone to me or anything…

now I know maybe in the long run a lack of contct with them may be for the best… but right now it hurts so much… I feel totally rejected… and like maybe I have been malodramatic about it all… I mean it’s taken 6 years to get any psychologist or doctor to think there might be something wrong with me, so maybe there isn’t, maybethe doctorss just said there was to hummour me… I don’t know…

I tried to ring my gran yesterday, she has always been one person who I did get along with, she answered told me to stop calling and hung up…

I really wish that I had never told them the truth


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