people on the internet

the last few days have been awful…

We joined a new forum, one for students. We joined it to ask some advise on our future, but also to help and advise others. While there we discovered the debate section, the host used to be a debater, she loved it, but he people at the debating soceity shun us and forced us out… so we joined in that section in an attempt to learn how to deal with these sors of people (basically snobby tory twats who think they are better than everyone)

Firstly they kept insulting our spelling… we are dyslexic (appart from Michelle) and we have brain damage, our bad spelling is not from laziness or stupidity, it’s from illness. But these people did not care and kept insulting us over it over and over

Then someone told us we should be ashamed for admiting that we were mentall ill…

then we got into an got into an argument about benefits…

These are some of the things they said:

  • “You need to have the initiative to help yourself because it’s in your interest. When you go shopping you don’t wait for someone to offer you the best deal, you go out there and look for it.”
  • “Just saying, people who don’t know they are entitled to certain benefits probably don’t need them”
  • “Why should our hard earned money fund the “uneducated moron”? “
  • “you are going round giving MY money out for free. ******* congratulations. there isnt a single person in gb, including those on the dole, who lives in subsistance. these people who cba working need no more of my money. they deserve none of what they get already”

This realy hurt us… we cannot work, and when we stated this we were attacked… nasty PMs, nasty e-mails… it was awful…

We told them about our illnesses and little of our past and we were accused of lying!!!

We’ve left that forum now (after telling them EXACTLY what we thought of them) but we are still gettng the nasty e-mails 😦

why can people not just se me for me? us for us?
why do they all only see the wage packet, the job title, the parents social class, the diagnosis, the illness? We are NOT our parents, and out illnesses do NOT define us. Why can so few people see past the brokenness to the human below?


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