Brain lag

I feel bad posting as not been replying to other people that much resently, but something odd is going on… I find it hard to explain but it’s like I am slightly behind time… only slightly, but enough that it’s noticable…

like when on TV a characters lips move and the voic cmes with a slight delay, it’s like that.

and I’m having what I can only explain as “brain lag”, it’s like there is a delay between my brain and my body.

the other odd thing… yesterday I lost about an hour and came back to a fair bit of SI. But today the wounds are not there… did I imagine them? was it maybe not yesterday but a few weeks ago? It feels like yesterday…

I am seriously confused and worried… and a bit scared…

and the “chatter”… gah! I’m getting a migrane with it… it seems to be going faster, or maybe I am going slower…

I don’t know what’s happening


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