The brother

my brother is getting DLA!!! what the hell???? He’s 16 and lives with our parents, why’s he need money??? he’s not even that ill my mum applied for him and she always overexerimates his illness.

Now I’m not saying that muscular dystraphy isn’t serious, it is. But he’s 16 and so far it’s bearly effecting him. Yes in 15 or so years he may be disabled by it but right now he is perfectly functional. My cousin is in a wheelchair due to it, whereas his brother is totally fine appart from having difficulty walking down stair, there are varying levels and we have no idea how bad my brother will be yet. But he should not be getting DLA should he??? He doesn’t have to pay for any treatment, in fact he currently isn’t getting treatment, he doesn’t need help looking after hisself nor getting around… so why the hell does he need it???

AND my mum is buying him a laptop as “his arms ay get tired from writing” even though the more active he is the less serious the muscular dstraohy will be in the future… I can’t write by hand, yet I never got a laptop, he can write but he gets one after moaning once and using his disorder as an excuse as he didn’t want to do some homework.

he’s a manipulative little swine! he’s even told me that he uses the illness as an excuse, and that he knows that our mum feels guilty about him having it. Not that my mum will believe this, esspecially not from me.

This shuldn’t bother me as much as it does


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