Explanation for those on twitter

There has been a slight misunderstanding on twitter.

I hae posted about flase memory syndrome using the hashtag #FMS, however it turns oout that fibromyalgia aso uses this hashtag, and so we hae been accused of spreading missinfomation. So I need to rectify that.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain all over the body. The condition affects the muscles, tendons and ligaments (bands of tissue that connect bone to bone), resulting in widespread pain, fatigue and extreme sensitivity to pain.


False memory syndrome (FMS) is a term created by Peter J. Freyd and popularized by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) that describes an alleged condition in which a person’s identity and relationships are affected by memories which are factually incorrect but are strongly believed.
The question of the accuracy and dependability of a repressed memory that was later recalled has contributed to some investigations and court cases, including cases of alleged sexual abuse or child sexual abuse. Some such recollections have been supported by enough corroborating evidence to enable successful prosecution, while others have been deemed confabulations or “false memories” that were not legally admissible.

In other words false memory syndrome is used to discount peoples accounts of abuse. False memory syndrome is the main argument used by the skeptics of DID
Despite 10 years of intense scrutiny, no empirical validation has been offered for “False Memory Syndrome” as a diagnostic construct; nor have its symptoms been systematically described or studied. As a result, this so-called “syndrome” is not accepted as a valid diagnosis by any professional organization.

I hope that clears up the missunderstanding


2 Responses to “Explanation for those on twitter”

  1. heidifibro42 Says:

    We all got confused.com and I understand what you have gone thru must be hell.Living with Fibromyalgia does the same..shame the med profs come up with acronyms..hope you are ok.Thankyou for putting up explanation and no hard feelings ;0)Heidifibro42

  2. heidifibro42 Says:

    It is sad when so many illnesses are unrecognised..Fibromyalgia has only been validated in UK for just over 2yrs and still it is uncommonly known.I studied a bit about false mem in psychology yrs ago..but I think any 'mental illness' is stigamtised in this country.If can retweet any info i will and i am hoping you guys would do the same for fibro.Many fibro sufferers are told that it starts with emotional or physical trauma..so we do understand about past trauma.So many illnesses trying to raise awareness out there and its really hard, so any amount of extra voices help!

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