Money stress :(

This is getting stupid.

I’ve dropped out of uni and applied for ESA, but there are several problems. The first is that after making 3 appointments with my GP I still have not got a doctors note… I can’t get there… it’s about 200m up the road, but I can’t get there…
Secondly as I haven’t got enough NI contributions I had to apply for the income ESA, so they need my and my partners details, this includes that fact that he worked abroad for a bit 3 years ago. But we cannot find his visa from then
Thirdly they want proof that I am not a student, but I don’t have anything… I dropped out just before Christmas, but I didn’t get a letter or anything like that. I emailed the uni yesterday about it and they want me to go in tomorrow to speak to someone about it… but the whole reason I left is that I CANNOT GET THERE…

Unfortuantly although the uni are being slow processing my withdrawl the loan company was not, so I didn’t get a January loan, so I can’t even fall back on that.

I just tried to ring to ask what I’m meant to do, but the phone got diverted to BT asking me to pay a bill… but I have no money
Luckily out internet is with tiscali and it looks like it’s been paid, well, either that or it’s going to go down in the next few days…

I don’t know what to do… I got my DLA last week, but it went straight away on rent and an overdue electric bill… So in reality all we have to live on is my partners loan, so £1086 to last until april… ye right, when our rent alone is £575 a month

I need a new prescription of my meds too… but I a) can’t seem to get to the doctors, and b) don’t have any money for the prescription charge…


One Response to “Money stress :(”

  1. Serial Insomniac Says:

    The only thing I can say is that they’ll backdate your ESA to the point where you first applied for it, but of course that doesn’t help now. The SSA do offer hardship loans (or at least they do here in Northern Ireland), but God knows what hoops you have to jump through to get them. Maybe worth looking into though?

    Really hope you get something sorted soon. Take care of yourself.

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