scars can tell a story

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I used to hate my scars… they reminded mme of bad things and bad times 😦 and I was scared of how society would judge me for them..

but now I am no longer ashamed, I don’t see why I should be. I have a bit of a love/hate thing with my scars… on one hand I totally believe that the self-harm kept me alive at points, but on the other hand I look at the damage and sort of despair…

I don’t hide them though. I don’t see why I should, they are part of us. And I feel that taboo and stigma are REALLY damaging and I hope that in showing that I am not ashamed I can help (in sme small way) to remove the taboo a little

My scars no longer remind me of bad things in the past, now they remind me that I survived, that I got through all that sh*t. And that we got through that, so we can get though anything

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3 Responses to “scars can tell a story”

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