what is a flashback?

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Been asked this a few times… it’s hard to answer though really as flashbacks can be so many things…

they are technically dissociated memories… When they are triggered you can re-experiance any aspect of the of the trauma again, the sounds, the feelings, the emotins, anything… for me the ones we have most commonly are tactile flashbacks, so we feel peoples hands on the body. Othertimes it’s literally as if I am back there, everything goes distant and distroted and then I can see/fee/hear/etc everything that happened and totally believe I am there again… other times I’ll still see here and now, but also see them and feel what was happening… other times it’s like the mmories focre there way into my mind for no real reason with all the feelings and emotions with them… though that last one is technically known as “intrusive memories” it is a form of flashback


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