Common “risks” of living with DID

Many people with DID suffer from certain phobias and that creates elementary trouble in normal living norms. This has a tendency to make a person introvert and often develop acute depression or aggressive character.

This disorder keeps a person in a make-believe world, and the due to the confrontation of personalities within a single entity, patient can hear voice of someone or talks relentlessly with an imaginary person or describes himself as a different personality. While doing so, becomes an object of fun in the society that tends toward the identity crisis and the patient can be converted in a hyper-eccentric personality.

The disorder creates a self- harming tendency. Due to frenzy, a person can do serious harm that can be fatal.
DID can be generated from previous traumatic experience and the memory of past trauma may create a mental stigma; the affected person cannot overcome from this memory and a suicidal tendency is aroused within this person. This tendency recurs frequently and ultimately many multiples commit suicide…

Sleep disorder is another allied problem within DID  and during sleep-walking or night terror a person being induced by hidden trait of personality may perform anti social activities that may spoil his/her normal living.

However, it is possible to live as a multiple. Not that society seems to like this idea… the above are merely risks, and risks occur in any walk of life

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