psychs, family, and referals… are we beyond treatment?

next week we are  going to see our 23rd psychologist… 23rd!!! In 6 years we have managed to bemuze, confuse and dismay over 20 psycholoists!!! And that is not counting the psychiatrists… 7 of them we’ve seen so far…

Sometimes we wonder if we are just beyond treatment, or that maybe we do not deserve it… in  the last 12 months we have seen 5 psychologists and 3 psychiatrists, most of which referred us after less than 5 sessions… Are we really THAT messed up? Or maybe we are just difficult to work with… Michelle has caused a few to refer us by yelling and threatening them, but in fairness they were  nasty to us first… like that private psych we saw, the one who said there was noting wrong with us, that we just wanted a “label” to that we had an excuse for being unable to move out of our social class!!! what the hell??? We didn’t ask to be born to a working class family, and what difference does that make anyway??? How are wealthier people “better” than us? He said that we wanted a “label” as an excuse for being lazy… lazy??? Between the body ages of 16 snd 19 we studied full time, had 2 part time jobs, cooked all the meals, did all the housework and paid rent, all while being beaten and raped by the bad man. So we’re LAZY are we???

Anyway… let us not get into a social class rant… we have a bit of a thing about people looking down on and judging us over the parents income… what does their income even matter anyway? It’s not like we see any of it, we haven’t even lived with them, let alone being part of their “family” for 7 years anyway, when do we get judged on who WE are and not on who THEY are?

we are frustrated right now…

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