“expected” rate of sexual development

Ok, so I was writting a peice for my other blog ( http://weareallsurvivors.wordpress.com ) and during this I looked up the “expected rate of sexual development in children” and… well it scared me a little… So what I want to know is how accurate this is:

Early childhood: 0-5 years

• Sexual curiosity, arousal, and behaviour are spontaneously expressed unless the child is taught to inhibit them
• 0-2 year olds engage in simple pleasurable handling of their genitals
• 2-3 year olds may begin masturbating
• Unsupervised, play among 2-3 year olds can be sexual but sex play is not dominant
• 4 year olds are curious about their own and other children’s genitals
• 4-5 year olds like to talk about things that they sense adults would consider dirty or taboo

Middle childhood: 6-9 years

• Tend to enjoy rule breaking, including “talking dirty” and get visibly excited. Sexual language and jokes also increase at this time. May perform sexual play on each other
• May talk with caregivers about sex, marriage, pregnancy, and birth
• Continue to be curious about physical differences; playing “show” and “doctor” to help satisfy this curiosity
• Unsupervised, sex play may occur. How the sexual activity manifests itself depends on how much sexual activity the child has observed and how permissive the society is
• Sex play with older children may occur. Some is pleasant to the child, some is not.
• Children become interested in girl/boy relationships and may have a boyfriend/girlfriend, but these relationships tend to be short lived with little personal involvement. Relationships are predominantly social rather than sexual

Middle childhood: 10-13 years

• Most children understand the rudiments of sexual intercourse but relationships are predominantly social rather than sexual
• Kissing games may occur and are frequently marked by excitement, embarrassment, or guilt.

Early adolescence: 13-14 years

• The age of pubescence is highly variable, usually between 11 and 13, and generally occurs earlier in girls
• Sexual behaviours respond to biological triggers and the genital focus intensifies
• Masturbation increases in frequency
• Pornographic materials are often acquired
• May fall in love and openly express this
• Many experience physical sexual excitement from romantic involvements
• Kissing is a favourite activity
• Many show an interest in having sex but few actually seek sexual partners
• Genital fondling can occur and may involve genital to genital contact or mouth to genital contact

Mid to late adolescence 15+

• By age 15, most teens have established a regular pattern of sexual activity; masturbating increases, and some have regular sex with others
• Due to the sexual urgency of adolescence, some teens attempt to persuade, manipulate, or coerce others into intercourse
• Many at this age feel they are not ready for sexual intercourse and may engage in mutual masturbation or oral sex

Any feedback would be great. I’m just… I don’t know, curious I guess.


2 Responses to ““expected” rate of sexual development”

  1. Splinteredones Says:

    Wow. Well this really freaks me out hah. I think I have a question or two for my T. All of this is completely foreign.

    It’s a bummer to have had one’s sexual assaults begin at 2. I have read a ton of these things and they never go into kids like me. Obviously I was pretty much fucked from the beginning. But it would be nice to know the reach in my behavior to today.

    • shadowlight and co Says:

      its totally foreign to me too… think my “normal sexual developmment” was stunted slightly…

      for some reason the idea of 6-9 year olds having “boy/girl-friends” disturbs me slightly… let alone the rest of it

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