I am so angry. How dare those people say what they said! how dare they. they know nothing of us nor our life NOTHING

In fact I want to meet them. the cowards, hiding behind their computer screens, messaging us publicly and ten deleteing the messages, and then messaging us prrivately instead. I invite you ALL here, come to Scotland, come to Aberdeen, we will meet you at the tain station or the airport. and then.. then I will SHOW you what pain is. Fucking cowards. Wouldn’t say these things to our face would you? The rest of us may fear you and be upset, but not me. I will show you how it is to feel totally helpless, to be beeten and held down with a knife to your throat. Can you imagine how that is? Unfortuantly we don’t have to imagine, we KNOW what it is like.

The host may be too polite to let everyone know what has been said to us, but I think that’s stupid. Bad, awful, horrible things were said, and these things need to be made known.So here is a selection of them: twitter messages

Having an opinion is one thing, but actually ATTACKING someone elses is not right. Harassing people due to their opinions is wrong. Also in a discussion you have to at least try to see both sides, we did… we read peoples blogs, read books, etc. We’ve done local studies, we don’t “make up statistics”, why would we? that would be counter productive.

We have run these groups for YEARS, but only started doing so online recsently. But for years we had poosters, events, gave talks in schools, and even assisted people in going to the police. And we bearly got any harrassment for any of this, but since coming online it’s a constant steam of insults and threats. Why? Becuase those who do the threatening are COWARDS they hide behind their computer screens moaning and complaining but they never do anything. THey are just lazy cowards who like to play the victim.


(just incase the fle fails as I am not good at computers –


5 Responses to “Angry”

  1. dvawarenessuk Says:

    Oh, sweetheart. You don’t deserve this at all! Have you reported them to twitter?

  2. jo-sexualself-injury Says:

    OMG! I can’t believe someone would say those thing. Sorry that happened.

  3. drowen44 Says:

    hi can’t actually read the tweets because I’m on my phone and it’s difficult to access them. But can’t believe someone would attack your blog. All you seem to be doing to me is supporting ppl. So you keep doing what you’re doing and ignore these fools

  4. Carly Says:

    I was following that this morning. I just can’t fucking believe those guys. I was reading some of the main guy’s, if you will, tweets from a few days ago, and some of the things he’d say were so over the top, he seems like a troll, but sadly I doubt that.

    Good news, though. His account is now suspended. I’m certain Twitter has an anti-bullying/harassment policy, and not surprisingly, looks like he violated it.

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