Mental health and “coolness”

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Had a few conversaions recsetly about people faking mental illnesses, specifially people faking DID. Now whenever these topics come up the first thing I think is “why would anyone fake this?” and the most common reply is “attention” or “be look cool”. Now ok the attention one I sort of get, but to look cool? really? How exactly is essentially saying “so ye, I was raped and abused as in infant and so my mind sort of split as a defence mechanism, so now I don’t remember large chunks of my life, I get awful headaches, doctors don’t trust me with medication, I can’t hold down a job and I get confused by really simple stuff” cool? Maybe I am just out of the loop and misunderstand the meaning of the word “cool” but to me the fact that a person was ABUSED is not a “cool” thing :/ and pretending that you were abused just so that you have something to say when conersations start to die is also not a “cool” thing.

I don’t know, I just don’t get it… living with this is HELL 90% of the time. The constant noise, the never knowing what day it is, the never being able to plan anything as you’ve no idea if you are going to be functional let alone “you” on any given day, the “waking up” in unknown places and haing to go into a shop to ask “excuse me, thais may sound like an odd question, ut what city is this?”, not to mention the flashbacks, the nightmares, the insomnia, the “flashes” that make nosense, the fact that no therapist will touch you with a barge pole so you are constantly being bumped from one psych to another, etc…

Just some thoughts… Also if anyone I’ve been talking about this with reads this: none of this is a critism or anything like that, it’s just basically me thinking out loud and wanting to get some peoples opinions in order to help me to understand.

7 Responses to “Mental health and “coolness””

  1. Grace Says:

    Exactly. Why would anyone want to fake something that would require a decade or more of therapy living with depression, PTSD, constant struggling. Let alone the time and energy to try to remember each alter along with their voice and idiosyncracies. No one could do that consistently.

    The only ones who think they might benefit are men in jail wanting to use it as an insanity plea. They only need to do 2 or 3 personalities to try to fake it while those of us who really have it wrestle with far more…known and unknown. It’s such a ridiculous statement. If I wanted attention I’d do something far less stressful and debilitating.

  2. Eric Says:

    I can so relate to this, its a damn shame. I suffer from DID, have for a long time now. I dang well know I have people looking over their shoulder’s at me all the time.

    Guess you truly have to walk to your own beat when stricken w/ an illness like this. I’ve learned (VERY quickly) if they dont accept me for who I TRULY am (good and bad) then they arent worth my time. I have bigger, more truthful obstacles to overcome.

  3. Bongo Says:

    There is nothing absolutely nothing cool about having DID..It makes me sad when people think it’s cool.. or even the great old phrase “get over it”.. I think we have a lot in common and I look forward to connecting with you….keep on writing ……

  4. 1210donna Says:

    bored, ignorant, arrogant people like to explore. When I was formally dx’d with DID I visited some of the forums to try and humanise the condition. I felt ill with the number of ‘curious’ present, particularly the over the top baby talk (I’m a linguist, work with people with communication disorders and have 2 littles who have never done baby talk). I left feeling these places were not safe, that they allowed in game playing bullshitters. It should be ok for people to want to understand DID, just let them come clean and say that, say that they are bored, curious, wanting to understand DID. We also have a right to ask, ‘er, ok, but why?’

  5. Kimi Says:

    the amount of places i’m seeing you is getting strange aha XD;

    but really, you already know my opinions on this and it’s getting to the point where i sometimes dread checking my comments on DA because everyone these days seems to assume that if you’re more open about having DID or any other mental condition, then you absolutely must be faking it. i’m getting sick and tired of it. i’m happy i have DID purely because i love my alters, but if there was any way to keep them and NOT be so unstable then i’d certainly change the way i am now. why would anyone want to feel as if they cant even hold down a part-time job because if you get even slightly anxious or down, you disappear and you have absolutely no idea what happened? why would you want to make all relationships through life more confusing and difficult because people have to get to know more than one person AND be able to accept that? my days are muddled, alot of friends have turned their backs on me, i cant even do my hobbies easily because i’m almost always stressed or depressed or something crazy is going on somehow, not to mention the flashbacks. i dont know why anyone would want to fake this… i mean, surely it’s far too much effort to go through just to recieve verbal abuse? how do you keep up faking being different people and stay consistent? it’s just stupid. i hate that there must be such a massive amount of fakers out there because the amount of times i’ve been accused of being a fake or an attention seeker is ridiculous, it really is. i just wish people would actually accept me, all of me, without first assuming that i’m a liar. this is why i’ve begun to just tell people within the first hour or so of meeting them that i have DID, that way if they reject me, i cant get hurt as much because i’m not attached to them. it hurts when a friend you’ve had for YEARS decides you’re a liar when you tell them… it’s better to get the hurt over and done with quicker for me.

    guh, i apologise for my babbling… it’s early and i’m very tired and every morning for the last few days i’ve woken up to see something bad about DID somewhere and it’s really getting to me, so been needing to vent alot more lately.

  6. Stephani Says:

    People don’t understand that most DID is trauma-originated, or the stuff that comes with it. They think having people in your head sounds fun, and not many people they know talk about it, so it will make them the center of attention. I’ve yet to come across one of these people, but I plan to simply ask questions about their ‘system’ until they admit they made it up.

    People just want attention.
    If you argue with troll, they win.


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