Sarah Kruzan

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For those unfamiliar with the case, at age 16 Sarah Kruzan murdered her pimp G.G. She had been a runaway, put into the atrocious cycle of child prostitution.

Sarah Kruzan spent a very unfortunate childhood with her drug addicted mother in Riverside California. Sarah’s mother was not only addicted to drugs but also abusive. It is only natural for a child in such conditions to seek protection outside of his or her home and the sad fact is that predators are all around looking for such children. As the fate would have it, Sarah met a man named G.G when she was 11. G.G became a pseudo father for Sarah. He would give her things to play with and would take her for rides. As Sarah turned 13, it was pay back time. G.G put Sarah up for prostitution. Sarah’s work would start at 6.00 in the evening and would work till 5.30 or 6.00 in the morning.

After 3 years of life as a prostitute Sarah had enough of it. She killed G.G, her pimp. Judge sentenced Sarah for a life in prison without giving a consideration to the background and the hell of life she was forced to live.

The murder was pre-meditated and so by law a life-sentence would apply, but there are many mtagating circumstances which I feel SHOULD be taken into account:

  • The pimp-prostitute relationship: abuse, exploitation,mental anguish. Was the murder committed under severe mental distress? He was 31 when he met her, at age 11…
  • Did Sarah have the capacity to understand the gravity of her actions? She was still a child without a moral compass, prejudiced by a harsh need to survive – most people reading this will never fight to survive.
  • Did Sarah actually commit the murder in Cold Blood or did she see a moral justification?
  • Was Sarah’s new pimp forcing her to commit this crime?
  • Was Sarah’s prior history sufficiently unique to give rise to a narrative that explains this murder in a mitigating light?

D.I.D isn’t all bad

How many alters does it take to change a lightbulb?

As many as will: one to change the bulb, one to change it back, three to argue over whether they want it light or dark, one to throw the light bulb against the wall to hear it crash, one to clean up the mess, four to go shopping for new bulbs and come home with stockings, licorice, Disney movies, popcorn and masking tape, one who insists it “IS” the light bulb and doesn’t understand why everyone always wants it to change and can’t it just be itself????

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