Who are we?

Name – Role – Age

Hazel – core personality, 22.

Michelle – physical protector, 17.

Sarah – sexual protector, 16.

Rachel – emotional protector, 15.

Luna – role unknown, 8

Jenny – helper/cognative, 6.

Jess – presenter, 5.

Faith – little/cognitive, 4.

Ivy – animal alter/protector

For a description of the different roles see here


Well I am Hazel, I have been writting most of our posts so far. I am the core personality, in other words I am the original. I’m 22 and I am currently unemployed, I have a degree is neuro-physiology but dropped out from my post-grad, but I am retrning to uni in 2011 to study physics.

I’m Michelle, I’m 17. I am the strength in our system, I hold them all together. I keep people away, keep the body safe and will never let anyone hurt any of us again.

My name is Sarah, and I am 16. The others in my system don’t like me much, they regard me as weak and dirty. I think I remind them of the past… They dislike me as I do not treat the body well… I self-harm and restrict/purge and they think this shows my weakness even more… But I only do it as those are the rules that the bad man made, and breaking them is dangerous.
Anyway, bad stuff aside, I really like music, painting, reading and going on hikes. I esspecially like mountains and lakes, luckily we live in Scotland so those arre both fairly common

hi. I am Rachel, I am 15 years old. I always feel a little isolated from the rest of the system, a bit useless and unimportant. But I am told this is not true.
I lie to write, mainly poetry which the host then lets me put on her DeviantART page which I like

Hi… I b Jenny. I 6

BOO! hehe
me b Jess. me b hellper me tri 2 b guds an hellp ceep bodi safs . me liks kitties an toffee

mi b faith mi b 4.

8 Responses to “Who are we?”

  1. Dayna Hester Says:

    Hi, Guys.

    I’m a first-time novelist. I’ve done a lot of research about the psychophysiology of trauma and have incorporated my research in my novel, albeit a piece of fiction.

    How could I see about having someone who blogs on your site review my book?

    Thank you… and it’s beautiful to see the awareness you are bringing to the world. Keep at it!

  2. Doe Janes Says:

    Hi. I like your site. I’m also blogging my way through DID. I’ve just recently learned that I have others, so unlike you, I do not yet fully know my others or what their roles are. A few are very much outloud though and making themselves very well known.

    It’s so helpful to have people like you to look to for more information. I also applaud you for sharing – I’m trying to do my part to enlighten the public on DID. There’s just not much out there, save for those of us who are making ourselves known. x

  3. Suzzana Says:

    Finding your blog is such an incredible blessing! I was diagnosed with D.I.D. in August 2010, so I’m very new at this. I am having a hard time accepting that I am D.I.D.; but the signs are there. I just wanted to thank you for being so open. The world must understand that this condition is real. My own mother believes I am faking it. Friends drops away one by one because they say “they are afraid”. There’s nothing to fear but their ignorance. I’m beginning to realize I should have kept my condition to myself. My life was taken away….. its time to rebuild, and I want to do it right.

  4. aaron crouse Says:

    are a quack, most psyc and therapist regard bpd as bpd and not multiple personality. are you doctor are you recocoginezed by the apa does the apa recognizes this or the EU version or the UN if not you are violating international law but psychological harming those who do have bpd and this is a federal offense in the us if your not doctor this would considered medicine and not procted under freedom of speech. i suffer from bpd, i have knowledge of pyschology being that buddhism is considered ancient pyschology. i do not suffer from did, i been in rehab with bpds 70% did not suffer DID get your facts straight.

    • shadowlight and co Says:

      excuse me? at what point is BPD even mentioned? I have DID, I have not spoken about anyone else here. I am not a doctor, never claimed to be a doctor I have been diagnosed with DID I am in therapy, but I am not (and neither did I ever sayimply that I was) a doctor/psych

    • Pandora Says:

      First let me say that I am a PhD in Psych and I was originally diagnosed with what was called MPD (now DID) back in 1986. I am a partially integrated multiple who functions mostly as a cooperative. To be clear there are and have always been confusion concerning Borderline Personality Disorder and DID. Many who struggle with DID do so because the severe abuses they suffered during the years of identity formation 2-6 often creates fractures in the development of self. Many people who have been diagnosed with DID have alters/personalities who struggle with individual mental health issues – especially Axis II personality disorders. Different personalities have been documented as having not only differing mental and emotional health issues, but differing physiological disorders as well.
      Also, as one who has studied many forms of spirituality including Buddism, please do not classify it as a form of ancient psychology. The heart of Buddism seeks a release of self to hold a heart of ‘no opinion’ and to release the very self that psychology would have us contemplate and understand.

      • shadowlight and co Says:

        Buddism has not been mentioned at any point on this blog :/

      • shadowlight and co Says:

        oh, sorry. I your comment came up on the dashboard but looked like a reply to the post and not to the above comment, as such my previsous reply is void lol. Sorry about the confusion

        I really need to look into bpd and work out why so many get it and DID confused… Both are caused by abuse but as far as I know that is where the similarities end… I really need to research it more

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