If you really knew me…

Got this idea from a thread on pandoras aquatium and thought I would join in 😛



  1. If you really knew me you’d know that I long to be “normal” more than anything in the world. I wish that my life had been “boring” and “predicatable”, I wish that I wasn’t “interesting” or “unusual”, I hate it when people imply that I am faking to gain “attention” as attention is the last thing on earth that I actually want.
  2. If you really knew me you’d know that I LOVE physics more than anything. I read physics books for fun, I spend time reading reports and trying to keep up to date with research, not because I have to but because I am interested
  3. If you really knew me you’d know how much I miss education. I have been out of education for a year now and I miss it so much. I go on university websites and search for essay and coursework titles which I then set myself, I even set myself essays in subjects that I never studied. I just love to research things, to read, to learn. If I go too long without writting a report/essay or without researching something new then it’s like I can feel my brain atrophying, everything becomes harder, reading gets harder, thinking gets harder, it’s like everything starts to slow down and die… scary I know lol, but as I love learning it’s not that big an issue
  4. If you really knew me then you would know that I have a bit of an obsession with cats lol
  5. If you really knew me then you would know that I have a chronic fear of having no money… I will not buy thing that I technically need (new clothes, food, etc) as I am so scared of running out of money and going back to how life used to be (I have been homeless in the past and at other timeshad to resort to stealing food to survive)

8 Responses to “If you really knew me…”

  1. Tara Says:

    Awesome blog and great post 🙂

    I can relate to everything you shared especially #3

  2. Mingo Says:

    very cool. I can sooo relate. I too love to learn. I also am a little obsessed with cats… I have 4 but i regularly threaten to bring home another…

  3. Bongo Says:

    If you really know me you know I get it xoxoxo

  4. lisa Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I get this so much. I love learning too.

  5. FloweringRose Says:

    Oh how I can relate to this all! Thanks for your wonderful addition to the blog hops, I really like your list 🙂 Hope all that learning takes you far

    ~Best of wishes

  6. Sarah Says:

    I love your list and your blog. They are truly awesome. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 I can definitely relate.

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  8. filmy erotyczne Says:

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